Vollzeit k.A. IT/TK Softwareentwicklung Informatik Informatik, Wirtschaftsinf., IT u. TK Bayern Abitur 81829 München Universitätsstudium Qualitätssicherung, Testing Deutschland Qualitätsmanagement Qualitätsmanager Bauarchitekt Bauingenieur Produktprüfung Programmmanagement IT-Projektmanagement Qualitätssicherung Qualitätsprüfung Softwareprüfung Bauwesen Ingenieurwesen Softwaretester Baustatiker Tragwerksplanung CAD SCRUM Informationstechnologie, Internet Fachhochschulstudium Practically orientated testing of ALLPLAN and associated software products
Planning, definition and coordination of processes and frameworks for integrational testing within the entire ALLPLAN product palette in close contact with the development teams
Coverage for availability together with maintenance of different customer configuration (such as Windows, MAC, Parallels, Cirtrix, XenDesktop, etc.)
Inter-site coordination from test requirements in consultation with development teams
Collaboration with customer support at validation for customer requests
Assistance for pilot phases
Maintenance, development and documentation for internal tools and processes Angestellter o. Leitungsfunktion Informatik, IT Softwareentwicklung Successfully completed studies (architecture or engineering) or apprenticeship for architectural draftsman or either way acquired skills in the building sector or a comparable education
Basic knowledge of ALLPLAN or practical experience in other CAD systems
IT-skills for operating systems, hardware and system tools
Good knowledge with MS Office
Basic knowledge of German and Good knowledge of English (written and spoken)
Independently, careful and structured way of working together with a hands-on mindset IT München <80331> Erste (1-2 J.) Langjährige (> 7 J.) Quality Engineer (m/f/d) Englisch Informationstechnologie, TK Mehrjährige (3-7 J.)