Vollzeit Naturwissenschaften k.A. IT/TK Softwareentwicklung Informatik Informatik, Wirtschaftsinf., IT u. TK Softwareentwicklung Informatiker Fachinformatiker Programmieren Programmierer Programmierung Entwickler Entwicklung Informationstechnik Computertechnik Informatiker Systemprogrammierer Softwarearchitekt IT Informationstechnologie Hamburg Fachkraft Hackers wanted – Software Engineers with Machine Learning Background (m/f/d) 20359 Universitätsstudium Deutschland Mathe, Naturw., Umwelt Fachhochschulstudium Angestellter o. Leitungsfunktion Physik Informatik, IT Softwareentwicklung IT Erste (1-2 J.) Langjährige (> 7 J.) Sonstige Branchen You start in one of our engineering teams. Team size is maximum five people.
You will receive a lot of introductory training in the first weeks about the technologies you are going to use in your project. The trainings are conducted by software engineers from our own company.
You are involved in every part of the software engineering process and in the lifecycle of the services that your team is building – design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, operations and improving software based on user feedback and usage data.
You work closely with our customers to iteratively improve their product offering by conceiving, refining and delivering new ideas. Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related fields like Mathematics or Physics
Experience in C/C++, Python or Java

Bonus skills or interests:

Master or PhD in Computer Science or related fields like Mathematics or Physics
Algorithms and data structures, understanding time & space complexity
Experience in Go, Kotlin, TypeScript or JavaScript
Experience in front end development, like ReactJS, Angular, Vue or Flutter/Dart
Functional programming with Common Lisp, Clojure or Haskell
Experience working with distributed systems in the Cloud
Experience in Machine Learning and Data Science
Competitive Programming Englisch Mathematik Informationstechnologie, TK Hamburg <20095> Mehrjährige (3-7 J.)