Vollzeit k.A. Sonstige Politik Rechtswissenschaften Öffentlicher Dienst, Verbände Asien Fachkraft Weitere Wirtschaft Oper. Controlling, Projektmanagem. Bürowesen Recht Rechts-/Steuerwesen Universitätsstudium Irak Andere Berufsbereiche Betriebsinternes Rechtswesen Sonstige Dienstleistungen VWL, Ökonomie Verwaltung, Management BWL Fachhochschulstudium Öffentlicher Dienst, Verwaltung Angestellter o. Leitungsfunktion Business Administration Gesundheits-/Sozialwesen Sozialwissenschaften Geistes-/Sozialwissenschaften, Psychologie Wirtschaftswissenschaften Langjährige (> 7 J.) Sonstige Branchen Financial Markets‘ in Iraq
University degree in the field of law, political science, economics or social sciences
Several years of relevant professional experience, preferably gained abroad, in international development cooperation in the field of Illicit Financial Flows, AML, law and justice or anti-corruption preferably in an operational project setting
Proven knowledge and network of potential cooperation partners in the field of anti-money laundering or illicit financial flows including solid knowledge of the »Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering», its processes and standards
Experience in the Middle East or in other fragile contexts is an advantage
Strong analytical and conceptual skills
Flexibility, resilience and stress resistance
Business fluent in German and English; Arabic skills are an advantage Conceptual planning, coordination and technical advice of/to the component measures
Advising partners in developing a reform plan against illicit financial flow
Advising partners in implementing international legal frameworks in the field of AML/CFT (Anti-Money Laundering/Combating Terrorist Financing) on a national level
Liaise with global and regional partners and relevant actors in the field of AML/CFT
Ensuring the quality and sustainability of the outputs
Management of national and international consultants and contractors
Design of human capacity development measures/ trainings for partner institutions
Supporting the management team in planning and implementing the project Recht, Politik, Sozialw. Finanz-/Rechnungswesen Advisor (m/f/d) AML/CFT in the Project ‚Strengthening Public Finances and Financial Markets‘ in Iraq Englisch Öffentliche Verwaltung Bagdad (Irak) Mehrjährige (3-7 J.)